About Us

CBA is an online business facilitator embedding all the management and excellence leadership qualities in it.

“Our mission is to develop businesses by providing financial and business support services to help them grow in terms of profitability, turnover, and advancement in business benefiting our clients, our people, and communities around us.”

Providing a full range of assistance and the best strategies fulfilling all your dream come true. We are the excellent facilitators for every business no matter the size or type of your business including Security devices, Food businesses, Grocery businesses, Cafes, Restaurants, Fast Food Shops, Pharmacies, Auto parts, Cloth/Garments shops, Shoe shops, Windows and Glass sellers, Mobile & Mobile Accessories. We are here to provide you full assistance by using all our expertise and knowledge.

To achieve this goal we strive hard to provide our clients effective and result oriented services which are:

·       Organisational Structure Design: Contingent upon the size or complexity we provide our client’s with the most appropriate organizational structure.

·       Business Presentation: we design the effective business presentation for the clients depending upon the size of business.

·      Information System (TPS, MIS, DSS, EIS, ES): An increasingly essential dimension that impacts your business, we strive hard to bring new patterns or technological advancement in our client business.

·      Customer Relationship Management: It is an essential approach because your customer is your real assets, we strategize your business in such a way that you can retain customers and guide you with ways to attract new customers.

·      Innovation in the Business: Uniqueness or innovation is what your customers want from you. It is also essential to have a competitive edge over the competitors.

·       Awareness (Market, Business/Operations): Being expert to the business field we offer our clients new trend in their operation that can be more cost-effective and profit generating.

·      Uninterruptible Service: our services are unstoppable and persistent for the longer run.

·      Performance management (periodical Reviews): We provide you the effective performance appraisals and periodical reviews to manage your business operation more wisely or update you with the more trendy ways regarding performance management.

·     Cost-Benefit Analysis (input-output analysis): We offer a systematic approach to estimate the potential strength and weaknesses and the best way to generate more profit by conserving the cost.

·     Forecasting and Variance Analysis: The business plan goes awry if you don’t practice the Forecasting and Variance Analysis in the business as it is an extremely important approach to bring more accuracy and efficiency in the accounting data.

·     Accountancy (Book-keeping, Costing): Services for classifying, management the accounting data, and preparing the financial statements and providing our clients full costing services.

·     Tax efficient way of doing Business: we offer a comprehensive guideline that how they can mitigate the tax liability and update them about the potential investment schemes.

Our Organisational Structure is centralized, while we are adaptable to change and organizational culture will have a vast diversity and a historical background where we have gained all the leadership and management qualities to lead your business in a challenging environment and find the reward oriented strategies.  we are always keen to bring technological advancement in our methodologies to pursue our client’s requirement more effectively.

Our services also include:

·     Data Protection: we ensure the information privacy of the clients, we effectively collect all the sensitive information and report it to the only authorized persons of your business.

·     Health and Safety at Workplace: We provide and possess the objectives to foster a healthy and safe workplace for the internal and external stakeholders.

·     Stakeholders: We have gained the healthy and long-term relationship with the stakeholders.

·     Pestel: As society is continuously changing we timely perform Pestal analysis to remain aware about all the aspects that can affect the business.

·    Social Factors: We keep an eye to all the social factors that may impart any influence in the business operation.

·    Environmental Factors: We deeply analyze the environmental factors and adapt ourself to the inconsistent surrounding.

·   Technological Advancement: we are the commander to bring forth the technological advancement in our operation and providing the quality services to the clients.

Our Competitive Edge.

·     Ethics Principles: Integrity, Objectivity, Professional Competence, Confidentiality, Professional Behaviour.

·      Ethics Values: Business ethics by any organization that includes openness, honesty, respect, empowerment, and accountability.

·     Corporate Governance: we possess and provide a set of rules and guidelines to run and direct a business.

·     Corporate Social Responsibility:

·     Reporting: providing accurate and precise daily, weekly monthly and annual reporting to clients.

·    Equal Opportunity Employer: we ensure the set of policies or regulations that can and serve as hinderance against all discrimination of the employees.