Business Advisory

Starting a new business will require a thorough planning regarding business plan, target market, budgeting, resource allocation and series of other activities. If you are thinking of starting a new business as you have got an idea or resources, but not sure how to put it in practice. What strategize are more appropriate for your business and how to use your cost and resources effectively and ways to earn more from your business, the concept advisors are there to answer all such questions. The highly skilled and competent team of concept advisors are there to lead you as we are having the competence, diligence, and effectiveness to lead a business in a more profitable way having an ultimate concern to grow the business of our client.

CBA can help you to start every type or size of a business whether you want to start as an:

·      Individual (self-employed) if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed you need to design a business plan, setting target market, establishing R&D department, recruitment of your employee for the first time, allocation of resources, budgeting, setting hierarchy for the organization, and ultimately ways that can let you have more profits. we are here to guide you thoroughly in every way and can lead our client’s business towards success.

·      Private limited company: To run a private limited company stands for a legal entity that acts separately from the people who run it, and has its own separate finance, and is liable to keep profit with it after paying tax. Establishing a private limited company may require serious consideration as you will require company name, stockholders, SIC codes, and to register it, for For doing all such duties you may need the expert assistance of concept advisors who have got all the skills and expertise in this area.

·     Business partnership/limited liability partnership (LLP): In LLP you may require a general partner and one limited partner. And you are entitled to do many works like selecting your business, and registered address from where the businesses are supposed the official communication, responsibilities of each partner, standard rules, partnership deep and becoming the authorized partnership. Managing all such work will not be problematic and therefore CBA is there to take all such responsibilities to make your job easier than ever before.

You may have resources and idea but are unaware of the ways to officially register your business. We can register your business and develop a strategy to kick start it. We can provide you step by step guide and articulate business strategy for a newly established business. The important aspects of this strategy and planning are:

·    Define vision and mission statement of business: A carefully and accurately crafted mission and vision statement are essential to have every successful business. The mission statement will be explaining your objectives regarding business while vision statement portrays about the description of the business. We are here to assist you to build the most appropriate and attention-grabbing mission and vision statement of your business.

·     Key factors necessary for the success of the business: we help and assist our clients to ensure the success of their business. We set the strategies to manage and direct their employ, strategic focus, guideline about the business operations, effectively utilizing business resources and how to retain the customers for a longer run.

·    Defining product and its features: we help our clients to accurately define the product and building its specification, features, conformance, aesthetics, durability, reliability and accurately providing them the customer services to gain the brand imaging of your business.

Defining target market and chalk out marketing strategy mainly focusing on 4 P’s of marketing

·     Product: what customer wants from the product, how you can design your product to fulfill the market demand, and how you create a viable distinction from your competitors

·     Price: we will help you to set the right price for your product or services according to the perceived value of the customers.

·     Promotion: what is your target market, and what are the possible channels you will be opting to deliver the message of your business. E.g. tv, banners, radio. Emailing, social media etc.

·    Place: where can buyer look to avail your services, are you enabling your direct sales, online services or delivering via catalog or any other mode. How you have the better strategy from your competitors to readily provide your service to your direct market.

Our services are extensive we not merely help our customers to start the business, we will be there to assist as far as you need to grow more.

·  We help you to design the SWOT analysis and highlight your strength, weakness, possible opportunities, and threats.

·   We help you to design the competitive analysis in the market and how to get competitive edge over competitors

·   We provide the customers with the relevant industry analysis and emerging trends to grow more in your business.

·   By analyzing the internal and external factors evaluation we help you to know the most demanding strategies and ways to compete with your rivals.

·  We are there to assist you for the web development requirements and offer our clients the content writing service.

·   A comprehensive guidance about the Management structure, best-suited hierarchy for a particular type of business and personnel requirements.

·   We bring the advancement in your business policies and help you in funding and resources required for a specific business idea or plan.

·  Projected financial statements (Profit & loss account, cash flows, and balance sheet) and all other statements that our clients may require either related to tax or for maintaining the management, administration and operational duties.

You don’t need to be more anxious and apprehensive that how you can embark on the business as it’s not a time to get tense, we are here to set up your business, and will continuously cooperate with our clients until or unless they don’t reach their destination.